Why Choose A Professional Wedding Photographer

We all have a friend with a half decent digital camera and some know how to use them well, but should you use them for your wedding photography? They may offer to take the wedding pictures  and save you heaps of money. If you are running a tight budget you might be tempted to skip the pro photographer…please don’t. I have heard some tragic tales of couples who wind up with photos they are bitterly disappointed with, however, the day is over, it cannot be repeated and special memories are lost to the couple, their friend and relatives.

A good wedding photographer is a rather multi faceted beast!! They not only have to take the right photo at the right time but need to organize groups, run a schedule, be patient and know how to work with people in a stressful situation. This comes with training and experience. The reason it very rarely works out with a non-professional is because a good photographer is not just someone with a decent camera. It is a person who has spent years learning, practicing and perfecting their skills. It is someone who has been to countless weddings so has the experience to know where to look, where to stand and how to get the perfect angle for that shot every time – to know how to anticipate what is about to happen, to ensure not one moment is missed.

This, along with other things that you might not think about straightaway (such as your guest not having back up gear, getting drunk and not getting any evening shots, not having insurance – what if they cause an accident?) should be ample reason for ‘hiring a professional photographer’ to be at the top of your wedding to-do list.

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