Family Group Portrait Photos

Family groupings and portrait photos that look natural succeed.

Standing people in a line looking directly at the camera presents the viewer with a photo a “mug shot “look. Adelaide is blessed with a variety of parks, gardens and beaches that allow the creative family photographer plenty of opportunity to expand their photographic horizons. One of my favourite garden locations is the Botanic Park near the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. There is a multitude of trees and park settings to create lovely photos.

Outdoor Portrait Lighting

Always shoot in the shade, preferably early morning and late afternoon. Keep an eye on the background so you do not photograph rubbish bins, etc. Autumn is my favourite season for the park with the trees looking their Autumnal best. For the beach I suggest Largs and Grange. Both have excellent jetties (unique to Adelaide) and provide excellent launching pads for photography. Late afternoon is best using the sun to light faces looking westward to the sea.

Clothing Colours for Portraits

With clothing I always suggest blacks, white or pastels for colour. Bright colours tend to draw the viewer from the subjects as does clothing with large logos, stripes and thick horizontal bands. If photographing people who are overweight shoot from above. If you wish to make shorter people look tall shoot from below. With digital cameras it is easy to check for closed eyes and “blank” expressions.

When grouping the family ask them to walk away and back to the camera to create an informal feel. If posing for the camera arrange the subjects so they are at different heights, standing, sitting, squatting, etc. Create the opportunity so family members look at each other rather than the camera. Encouraging touching, cuddling and closeness conveys bonding and strong relationships. Split the groups up with separate photos of parents, siblings, babies and relatives.

These tips should help with your photographic outings and create family shots that are natural, fun and treasured.

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