Employing a Wedding Photographer: Questions to ask

When booking a wedding photographer one needs to ensure that not only are the photos going to be of a high standard it is also vitally important that you can work with that person for a considerable time on a very special day. A good wedding photographer has excellent people and time management skills yet flexible enough to handle the changes that are inevitable on a wedding day.Please ensure that when you begin to speak with photographers you have a reasonable handle about questions to ask. To help you out here are a few:

Do you give me copyright?

How many weddings have you photographed in the last 10 years?

Do you software block?

Ask to read testimonials/Reviews

Are the files high Resolution?

Do you shoot with full frame equipment?

How many photographers will be employed on the day?

Who is the principal photographer and how much experience does she/he have?

How long will the files take to be returned…get this in WRITING!!

What photo manipulation software is being used?

Is this the persons full time job?

If you are looking into albums…ask which company prints the albums…do they offer a warranty?

If you are looking at prints and enlargements and posters ensure the photos are printed on pro quality paper ( has at least a 100 year colour warranty)

What are the payment options??

Ask if they are going to use your images later (for advertising) and stress you wish to be asked permission.

What professional organizations does the principal photographer belong to?


Based on the amount of disappointed brides who I meet when photographing their friends weddings there are some poor photographers out there and of course you only get one chance to get it right.

Best Wishes for your search


Colin & Gillian

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