Portraits for Maternity, Children, and Pets

Maternity Portraiture

Maternity photography if handled with care is a branch of photography that is beautiful to view. When photographing pregnant women one must ensure that you photograph the female form in the most complimentary way. Use natural light through windows. The pregnant rounded tummy at 6 months is incredibly beautiful if photographed well…especially in black and white. Have other members of the family lean up against the tummy. Always ensure the subject is comfortable with your photography and constantly ask for her ideas. If the partner is male, the use of hands around the pregnant tummy looks great.

Photographing Children and Pets

One of the most frustrating, yet enjoyable types of photography photographing children and pets can be frustrating but it is worth hanging in for that perfect shot.

With young children and babies, shoot around their home, garden or park. I suggest with babies just after a feed or sleep is best. Be prepared to use a lot of files and set your camera to shoot continuously, that way you will not miss a fleeting smile or expression. Set the baby up with toys, cuddly fluffy animals or just a bare floor or carpet. Holding the baby and comparing feet and hands with other family members create great photographs.

Shoot the nursery as it is…this will soon change as the child grows and you will have a lasting memory of this space. Please do not place your baby in a plant pot …it is so 1980’s. Black and white is great for child portraiture. When shooting children, catch them at play with toys, bicycles, scooters etc or have them running around the garden. Children are great to photograph blowing bubbles, running with balloons and jumping up and down on trampolines. A word of warning, do not shoot children and babies other than your own without with express consent of the child’s parents.

Remember photographing children does not mean they need to look at the camera. With pets the same shooting mode applies… lots of files and lots of time. Get down to the eye level of the pet and look to crop in tight on the face.

Be aware that photographing babies, children and pets require lots of patience and practice. Try and use a bright indoors situation and if possible shoot with a high ISO and avoid flash which tend to drain colour and of course leads to “red eye” issues.

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