7 tips for a Happy Wedding Day Experience

Seven Tips to A Happy Wedding Day

These tips are brought to you by a photographer who has photographed over 680 weddings and has been in the industry for 24 years. They are observations of wedding days from a neutral perspective and from the feedback of couples.

  1. Keep to a budget. Although an important moment in your life, when you wake the next day you will face the reality of bills. Couples who stick to a budget set down before the first phone call to service providers seem very satisfied with the whole day when they come to collect their photographs. Work out what are the most important aspects of your day you wish to spend money on. Is it the flowers, the reception, the ceremony, the makeup, the cars, the photography, etc.
  2. When hiring service providers don’t always go with the least or most expensive. Couples that shop around and meet with providers that they can work in partnership with seem much more at ease on the day.
  3. Trust your service providers to do the right thing and let them worry about the little mishaps things that often happen on the day.
  4. It’s your wedding, have it the way you want. Take into account family and friend suggestions but don’t be swayed totally by their ideas, you will wind up very confused.
  5. This is purely selfish but when working through your photo locations please don’t make it a scenic tour of every location you have wished to be photographed at…you will spend the whole day watching the clock rather than enjoying the moment. Choose two or 3 locations max. Build in some “down time” to just relax.
  6. Receptions are for great for catching up and relaxing with friends and relatives. It does not need to include everything you have seen online.
  7. Last but by no means least please enjoy your day. If you have employed quality service providers, planned well with them, are organized and keep to a schedule you will have the best day.

Trust your runs smoothly 🙂

Colin & Gillian

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